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Innovations2016-10-21 Imagine! Innovations Incident Report Incident report form for adults who receive services. Laurel Rochester130
Innovations2015-03-18 Medical Consultation Form Innovations form to be completed at every medical appointment for an individual in services. Laurel Rochester108
Benefits2019-01-29 Wellness Reimbursement Application Application to for reimbursement through Imagine! Wellness Benefit Dave Lindholm81
Forms2017-12-06 Check Request Form Use this form to request a check when an invoice is not available. John Nevins73
Benefits2019-01-29 Wellness Benefit Prepay Application Terms, conditions and agreement for Imagine! to subsidize fitness or wellness facility membership. Dave Lindholm63
Benefits2019-01-29 Retirement Plan - Summary Thrift Plan Description Summary of the Imagine! 403(b) employee retirement plan. Dave Lindholm58
Innovations2015-03-13 Incident Reporting Instructions Instructions for completing an Incident Report.Laurel Rochester45
Innovations2016-10-20 Staff Orientation, Training, and Competency Policy Innovations policy describing how Innovations employees are oriented to the company, how they are trained to provide care, and how we determine whether they are competent in their job duties. Laurel Rochester40
Innovations2015-01-23 Program Request Form - Pre-set with Innovations information Imagine! program request form for requesting goods and services. This Excel document has 3 tabs available, each pre-set for the use of Innovations employees. Laurel Rochester39
Innovations2016-10-20 Medication Policies Innovations policies for administering medications to individuals in services. Laurel Rochester37
Innovations2015-06-02 Controlled Medication Record A form for maintaining a record of medication use.Laurel Rochester36
Innovations2015-03-16 Innovations Health and Safety Assessment Required documentation as part of the IP process that outlines the supports an individual in services needs to maintain health and to be safe. Laurel Rochester35
Innovations2016-10-20 Monitoring Policy Innovations policy for how the records and living environment of individuals in services are monitored to ensure quality. Laurel Rochester35
Innovations2016-10-20 Rights Policy Innovations policy outlining how the rights of individuals in services are supported, as well as the due process procedures that will be completed when a right is limited. Laurel Rochester34
Forms2017-12-19 W9 Federal W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification John Nevins33
Innovations2016-10-20 Transportation Policy Innovations policy regarding transportation of individuals in services. Laurel Rochester33
Uncatagorized2017-12-19 Provider Qualifications Information Information on the qualifications necessary to become a provider. John Nevins32
Innovations2015-03-20 ISSP Initial QA Quality Assurance document to be used when writing an Individual Service and Support Plan (ISSP) to ensure that it meets all applicable rules and regulations Laurel Rochester32
Policies & Procedures2017-12-06 Using Smartview - A Training Guide for Providers Basic instructions for Providers on using Smartview, Imagine!’s online Learning Management system. Kevin Harding31
Innovations2016-10-20 Personnel Policies Innovations policies for Group Home employees to ensure that they are fully trained and competent in their jobs. Laurel Rochester31
Policies and Procedures2015-01-22 HCBS Enrollment Procedure Cheat sheet for completing waiver enrollments, terminations, and transfers. Jenna Corder29
Forms2017-12-06 Missing Credit Card Receipt Form - XLS Format Use this document for any missing credit card receipts. This document contains 2 tabs: tab 1 is a blank form, tab 2 is an example of how to fill out the form. John Nevins29
Information Technology2016-10-14 Information Security Policy Computer information systems and networks are an integral part of business at Imagine!. The company has made a substantial investment in human and financial resources to create these systems. This document contains policies and directives that have been established in order to: Protect this investment. Safeguard the information contained within these systems. Reduce business and legal risk. Protect the good name of the company. Kevin Harding29
Forms2015-01-22 Informed Consent Form This form is used for the consumer or guardian to consent to various medical and/or behavioral procedures. Consent for a treatment or procedure form.Jenna Corder28
Innovations2016-10-21 Innovations Fire and Safety Drill Fire and safety drill record Laurel Rochester28
Uncatagorized2017-12-19 Provider Assurances/Requirements Information Covers provider assurances/requirements for the 4 types of providers. John Nevins27
Human Resources2018-11-09 Business Card and/or Name Plate Order Form This form is to be used for ordering business cards, name plates or wearable name tags and badges for all Imagine! employees. Krista Vagnieres26
Ethics2017-12-06 False Claims Act (FCA) Policy and Procedure Imagine! adheres to the Federal False Claims Act Mark Emery26
Innovations2015-03-20 Fire Rating Sheet Fire rating sheet to be completed annually for individuals at Innovations Group Homes. Laurel Rochester26
Innovations2016-10-20 Quality Management Plan Plan for how Imagine! Innovations Group Homes will create and implement Quality Management Plans, to improve services and care for individuals. Laurel Rochester26
QA2019-08-28 Imagine! QA Monitoring Plan Imagine!'s Quality Assurance monitoring play for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Jenna Corder25
Innovations2015-01-23 Innovations Life Skills Draft Document outlining life skills and supports needed by an individual receiving services.Laurel Rochester24
Board2017-12-06 Imagine! Foundation By-Laws and Articles of Incorportation Imagine! Foundation By-Laws and Articles of Incorportation Patti Micklin24
Forms2019-03-18 Acknowledgment of Driving Responsibilties Form This forms indicates whether an employee is approved to drive a company and/or personal vehicle for Imagine! purposes. Laura Ball24
Innovations2016-10-20 Working from Home Policy Innovations policy describing the expectations and responsibilities for employees who work from home. Laurel Rochester24
Innovations2015-01-23 Comprehensive Life Review Interdisciplinary Team Comprehensive Life Review FormLaurel Rochester23
Communications2017-12-06 Use of Social Media at Imagine! Imagine! is committed to using new online com­mu­ni­ca­tion tools (such as Web 2.0 technolo­gies, social media, or social net­work­ing sites) to better serve our consumers, however, we need to ensure that we are using them in an appropriate manner, one that protects the reputation of our organization, and more importantly, a manner that protects the individuals we serve. Fred Hobbs23
Innovations2016-10-20 Medical and Health Services Policy Innovations policy regarding the medical and health services we provide to individuals. Laurel Rochester23
Innovations2016-10-20 Records Policy Innovations policy for managing the records of individuals in services. Laurel Rochester23
Innovations2016-10-20 Emergency Procedures Outlines emergency procedures for group homes and personal care alternative (PCA) homes. Laurel Rochester22
Innovations2016-10-20 Dispute Resolution Procedures Procedures to be used when an individual in services and/or a member of their inter-disciplinary team does not agree with certain types of decisions made by Innovations. Laurel Rochester22
Innovations2015-06-09 Medical Administration Student Manual The medical administration student manual. Laurel Rochester22
Innovations2016-10-20 Medical Protocol Policy Innovations policy for when and how a medical protocol will be created for an individual in services. Laurel Rochester22
Forms2015-01-22 Incident Report Form This form is used to report incidents and unusual occurrences.Jenna Corder21
Innovations2015-01-23 Admission Assessment This form is used for assessment purposes upon intake.Laurel Rochester21
Innovations2016-10-20 Service Plan (SP) Paperwork Policy Innovations policy describing how Service Plan paperwork is completed. Laurel Rochester20
Innovations2015-03-16 Innovations IP Paperwork Checklist Forms to be completed by Supervisor/Coordinator at the individual's annual IP meeting. Laurel Rochester20
Innovations2016-10-20 Nursing Policies Innovations policies for the scope and practice of Innovations Nurse Case Managers. Laurel Rochester20
Innovations2015-03-17 CDPHE Quarterly Checklist Checklist to be completed quarterly for all Innovations Group Homes for compliance with CDPHE standards. Laurel Rochester19
Ethics2019-03-18 Whistleblower Policy Imagine!’s policy on protection from employment retaliation for legitimate whistleblower activities. Laura Ball19