Policies and Procedures

Date Document Description Contact Name Contact Email
2018-07-16 Procedures for Conducting Investigations Identifying and reporting allegations of mistreatment and procedures for conducting investigations Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2018-07-16 Protocol For Reporting Incidents Imagine! Protocol For Reporting Incidents Kevin Hardingkharding@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-19 HCBS Enrollment Procedures HCBS Enrollment ProceduresJenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2018-07-16 Incident Reporting Policy and Procedures This procedures describe responsibilities and process reporting and following up on incidents. Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-18 Procedure Regarding the Suspension or Restriction of Rights Procedures regarding the suspension or restriction of rights of an individual who receives services through Imagine!Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-18 Emergency Fund Procedures This document outlines the process for requesting funds for individuals who have been affected by an emergent crisis situation and need financial support. Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2015-01-22 HCBS Enrollment Procedure Cheat sheet for completing waiver enrollments, terminations, and transfers. Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2015-01-22 Request for Proposal Process (RFP), Comp Services Describes the process the case manager must follow when a request for a change in service provider has been made by the consumer and/or guardian. Given to consumer/guardian at annual IP meeting.Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org
2018-07-16 Consumer Choice in Providers Given at the annual IP meeting, this informs consumer/guardian of their right to have the service provider of their choice and describes the process for changing providers. Jenna Corderjcorder@imaginecolorado.org