Information Technology

Date Document Description Contact Name Contact Email
2019-08-26 Quick Reference: Clearswift Secure Email Gateway This Quick Reference is intended for users who are making the switch from NetGovern Secure to Clearswift SEG.Kevin
2019-10-23 eSSentials Users Guide for FRE eSSentials Users Guide for FRE Kevin
2019-09-30 eSSentials Users Guide eSSentials Users Guide Kevin
2018-08-31 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy This policy establishes Imagine! guidelines for employee use of personally owned electronic devices for work-related purposes.Kevin
2016-10-14 Information Security Policy Computer information systems and networks are an integral part of business at Imagine!. The company has made a substantial investment in human and financial resources to create these systems. This document contains policies and directives that have been established in order to: Protect this investment. Safeguard the information contained within these systems. Reduce business and legal risk. Protect the good name of the company. Kevin
2015-01-27 Property Distribution Acknowledgement Form This form is for employees to acknowledge that they will be issued Imagine! property, and if they do not return this property by the last day of my employment with Imagine!, that the fair market value of items not returned will be deducted from their final paycheck.Kevin
2015-01-27 Using Imagine!\'s IT Help Desk This document is a training manual for Imagine!\'s IT Help Desk. Help Desk phone number is 303-457-5649.Kevin
2015-01-27 Website Revision and Update Request Guidelines This document contains guidelines that have been established in order to streamline the procedures regarding requests for updating and changing website content and design. Kevin
2015-01-27 Phone System Manual Manual for using Imagine!’s land-line phone system. Kevin
2015-01-27 Voice Mail Quick Reference Reference guide to using your land-line phone at Imagine!.Kevin
2015-01-27 Outlook Web Access Quick Reference Guide Directions on how to access Outlook from the internet.Kevin
2017-12-06 Password Change Instructions This documents provides instructions on how to change your Imagine! password for your network login and Outlook. Kevin