Date Document Description Contact Name Contact Email
2019-08-21 Early Intervention Administrative Team Bios Get to know your Imagine! Early Intervention Administrative Team!Brittany Siegelbsiegel@imaginecolorado.org
2020-08-24 Early Intervention Service Coordinator Bios Get to know your Imagine! Early Intervention Service Coordinators! Brittany Siegelbsiegel@imaginecolorado.org
2018-02-26 CES Allocation Addition 7-04 Process for determination of funding for Children’s Extensive Support (CES) services. Shaylyn Wilsonswilson@imaginecolorado.org
2018-02-26 CES Allocation Procedure 2-04 Process for enrollment into, allocation of funding for, and utilization review for the Children’s Extensive Support (CES) waiver. Shaylyn Wilsonswilson@imaginecolorado.org
2018-02-26 CES Procedure for Expenditures from CES for Adaptations & Devices Process and requirements for spending CES funds for adaptations and devices. Shaylyn Wilsonswilson@imaginecolorado.org