Date Document Description Contact Name Contact Email
2020-06-08 Fun at Home Newsletter June 8th Scott Wendelbergerswendelberger@imaginecolorado.org
2020-01-03 FRE Newsletter Q1 2020 The first installment of Imagine!'s Family Recruited Employee Newsletter. January 2020Victoria Thornevthorne@imaginecolorado.org
2019-11-18 Technology Request Form A form for requesting specific technology be implemented at Imagine!. Jen Garciajgarcia@imaginecolorado.org
2018-02-26 Share Your Idea Form A form that can be submitted by Imagine! Employees to help share unique ideas to help Imagine!'s mission as a company.Matt Barnertmbarnert@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-18 Colorado Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Imagine! certificate of sales tax exemption in the state of Colorado. Tax Exempt Certificate.John Nevinsjnevins@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-19 Provider Assurances/Requirements Information Covers provider assurances/requirements for the 4 types of providers. John Nevinsjnevins@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-19 Provider Qualifications Information Information on the qualifications necessary to become a provider. John Nevinsjnevins@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-11 Stock Donation Form How to donate stock to Imagine! Patti Micklinpmicklin@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-11 Grant Writing Project Plan and Template Instructions and request form for grantwriting assistance from the Imagine! Foundation. Patti Micklinpmicklin@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-11 Memorial or Honorarium Donation This form is used to make a memorial or honorarium gift to Imagine! Patti Micklinpmicklin@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-11 Gift By Mail Donation Form This form is used to make gift to Imagine! by mail. Patti Micklinpmicklin@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-11 Crowdfunding Idea Form This form is used to submit an idea for online crowdfunding to Imagine!\'s Executive Committee. Patti Micklinpmicklin@imaginecolorado.org
2017-12-11 ASD Program Manual This document is the manual for the ASD program. Lucy Williamslwilliams@imaginecolorado.org