Date Document Description Contact Name Contact Email
2017-12-18 Business Associate Contract This contract outlines the responsibilities involved with the covered entity sharing protected health information with business associates.John
2017-12-06 Transportation Vehicle Accidents Accident Report Form John
2017-12-06 Check Request Form Use this form to request a check when an invoice is not available. John
2017-12-06 Missing Credit Card Receipt Form - XLS Format Use this document for any missing credit card receipts. This document contains 2 tabs: tab 1 is a blank form, tab 2 is an example of how to fill out the form. John
2017-12-06 Payroll Corrections Form If an employee feels that they have not been paid correctly, the following procedures should be followed. John
2017-12-06 Payroll Duplicate Check Request Form to fill out to request a duplicate payroll check. John
2017-12-06 Petty Cash Log - XLS Format Petty cash log. John
2017-12-19 W9 Federal W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification John