Family Support Services

Family Support Services Program

We are the Family Support Services Program at Imagine!.  We are here to assist families who provide at-home care to family members with intellectual and developmental delays or disabilities.  Our services are designed to ease the financial and emotional strain of having a family member with a disability in the home.  Additionally, we provide grants to families who need extra funds to help pay for items and services for their family member with special needs.


What: Access to Family Support Navigators and limited financial support.  Families are offered grants based on available funds in a given fiscal year.  Family support grants can help pay for the extraordinary costs of caring for a child or dependent with intellectual and developmental delays or disabilities.  Grants are distributed at designated times throughout our fiscal year and are based on available funds.  A list of approved expenses can be found here.

Who: We have services that are available to families with an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability or delay who: lives at home, is aged 3 and older, and resides in Boulder or Broomfield counties

When: Our fiscal year runs July 1st – June 31st.  Grant applications are automatically sent to eligible families at designated times throughout our fiscal year.

How: To apply for a FSSP grant, families must fill out a Most In Need Survey, and provide proof of citizenship upon request. Please see the steps outlined below.


[What is a Navigator?]

-We assist in applying for financial assistance

-We provide information about community resources

-We assist in accessing referrals.  


[Starting the Process]

Step 1: Please e-mail to request a Most In Need (MIN) Questionnaire.  

MIN Assessment Document

Step 2:  You must provide proof of citizenship and fill out our Citizenship Affidavit. 

Citizenship Requirement Document

Citizenship Affidavit Document

Step 3: After we have received your completed MIN questionnaire and citizenship documents, your family will become eligible to receive a grant.  We will send you a grant application by mail.  It is important to return your application by the specified due date in order to be ensured to receive a grant.

Step 4: A navigator will contact you with regard to your grant and when it will be available to your family.