Case Management

What Is Case Management?

Case Management is the gateway to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Broomfield and Boulder counties. Once individuals qualify for support through Imagine!, they, along with their family, guardians, friends, and program staff, meet with a case manager to discuss which services can help them reach their goals.

The case manager then drafts an Individual Plan (IP), which addresses the issues discussed in the meeting and outlines the strategy for going forward. Working directly with individuals and their families, the case manager helps obtain services through a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA), which can include services through Imagine! programs, and makes sure these services are coordinated and delivered in a way that helps each person reach his or her goals. Frequent evaluations of an IP ensure that the strategy remains relevant to each individual’s needs.




Imagine! is delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with Wayfinder, which will give Imagine!'s clients and team of case managers access to Wayfinder's comprehensive directory of high-quality service providers across Colorado.



Wayfinder is a public benefit corporation that connects Coloradans with disabilities to the services they need. Their comprehensive directory makes it easy to find thousands of quality providers who offer 70+ services and supports, including respite care, behavioral health, occupational therapy, and more. Users can learn about providers through program descriptions, reviews, photos, and contact information. 


Using Wayfinder's platform, Imagine!’s case managers can easily find providers in their catchment area and beyond, and share referrals with clients in their preferred language.


wayfinder website screen shot


Creating an account on Wayfinder's website is free for everyone, and community members are encouraged to provide feedback to help guide the continuous improvement and development of the platform.


This collaboration between Imagine! and Wayfinder aims to improve access to services and support for individuals with disabilities across Colorado.


What Are Transition Services?

Transition services are defined as a coordinated set of activities for a student, designed within an outcome-oriented process, which promotes movement from school to post-school activities.

Take a look at these transition milestones to learn more.

Intake Process Explained

Access the Online Application

* Please remember that there are waiting lists for many services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Colorado. It is important that you contact us as early as possible so that we can begin the process.

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Call the intake navigator at 720-274-5452 or email The intake navigator will provide you with the information needed to get started and answer questions about services available in Boulder and Broomfield counties.