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Medicaid Required?

Wait List?

General Information

ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder Program

5-26; age out on 26th birthday

Medical Diagnosis of Autism No Call to Inquire Grant funded for Boulder and Broomfield County residents; 3 year program; must apply through website and not have IDD diagnosis. Variety of services available.
CES: Children's Extensive Services 0-18; age out on 18th birthday I/DD Yes No Must meet night time and day time intervention criteria; a variety of services available; must be redetermined eligible yearly.
C-HCBS : Children's Home and Community Based Services 0-18; age out on 18th birthday Any diagnosis Yes No Must be medically fragile and meet nursing facility or hospital level of care; the only services available are Case Management and IHHS.
CHRP: Children's Residential Habilitation Program 0-21 I/DD Yes No For children and youth with I/DD who are at risk of out of home placement. 
DD: Developmental Disabilities  18+ I/DD Yes Yes; put on WL at age 14 Must require access to 24/7 services. Variety of services available including residential.
EI: Early Intervention 0-3; age out on 3rd birthday Any diagnosis No No Provides children birth to 3 with therapy and resources in the family home/day care.
FSSP: Family Support Services Program All ages I/DD No No For consumers on a wait list or waiting for a waiver; must live with family; grant funds available- pay to vendor or pay to family. Variety of services available.
OBRA: Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act 18+ I/DD Yes No For consumers who must remain in the nursing home but are looking for community involvement;  the only service available is Supported Community Connections (day program). 
SLS:  Supported Living Services Waiver 18 + I/DD Yes No Must live independently or with family/friends; a variety of services available.
State SLS: State Supported Living Services 18+ I/DD No No Limited funding available; runs on fiscal year, July 1-June 30; funding dependent on available state dollars. Variety of services available.


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