Online Therapeutic Activities

With the disruption to our community based services caused by COVID-19, our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists have teamed up to deliver online therapeutic activities straight to your home. Check in often for updates and new videos!

Week 2 - March 30 - April 3

"Power Within Me"
Led by Caley O'Brien, Therapeutic Recreation Intern
This class is designed to boost feelings of empowerment!







"Living It Up"
Led by Kelly Throckmorton, Therapeutic Recreation Intern
A fun icebreaker, gratitude journaling, and letter writing!


"Creative Expressions"
Led by Amy Baczurik, CTRS
We will be enjoying nature by incorporating our five senses, and then create stories based on what we find!

"Indoor Games for Kids"
Led by Sam Reed, Therapeutic Recreation Intern
This video offers fun and simple games you can do on your own or with your family!


"Arts and Crafts"
Led by Wendellyn Hershberger, CTRS
This video provides simple instructions on creating Rainbow Paper as well as sensory friendly Oobleck!
Supplies Needed: Rainbow Paper: Construction paper, bowl, water, clear finger nail polish, and scissors. Oobleck: Bowl, water, corn starch, food coloring (optional), and a measuring cup.

"Music & Movement"
Led by Kelly Throckmorton and Sam Reed, Therapeutic Recreation Interns
This Music & Movement activity will consist of two Zumba themed dance! To start, we will introduce
the dance steps and encourage participants and staff to practice the steps with us.
After demonstrating the dance moves and offering modifications, we put the dance moves to music and end with a cool down.


Led by Cortney Kosiak, Therapeutic Recreation Intern
This activity will guide you through a routine of simple and fun
stretches/movements to increase blood flow, heart rate, and fitness!


Week 1 -- March 23-27 

"Monday Moves"
Led by Amy Baczurik, CTRS
This activity will guide you through a routine of simple
and fun stretches/movements to increase blood flow, heart rate, and fitness!


"Kitchen Fun!"
Led by Wendellyn Hershberger (CTRS) and Sam Reed (Intern)
Join us in the kitchen as we make energy bites! A healthy and yummy snack to boost your day!
For written ingredients and instructions, go to


"Afternoon Art"
Led by Wendellyn Hershberger (CTRS)
Arts and crafts meets music making! Learn how to build a rain stick using common household items.


"Healthy Living"
Led by Caley O'Brien (Intern)
This video is focused on managing and reducing stress, using helpful breathing techniques and exercises. 


"Music & Movement"
Led by Kelly Throckmorton (Intern)
Join Kelly for an upbeat dance class! After a quick 10 minute warmup, we jump into a sweet dance routine, learning it step by step.
Stick around at the end for a short cool down!

"Power Within Me"
Led by Sam Reed (Intern)

Unlock your potential and thrive on positive thoughts. In this class we will dive into the "I Speak" section of our journals.
There will also be opportunities to self reflect and learn how we listen and speak.

"National Parks - Zion"
Led by Cortney Osiak (Intern)
This episode dives into the beauty and history of Zion National Park. Learn fun facts and play along with trivia.
You will be asked to watch two different videos, here are links to both of them:

"Indoor Games for Kids"
Led by Ryann Mickens (CTRS)
Join Ryann for some easy yet fun to play games in the house!