Family Support Council

Any program designed to support families must also include families as an integral part of the decision making process in order to ensure that the program is responsive to family needs.  That is the philosophy behind Imagine!’s Family Support Council, a local group charged with the responsibility of providing guidance and assistance on the implementation of Imagine!’s Family Support Services Program.

What is the purpose of the Family Support Council?

The Family Support Council gives Imagine! input on what families’ needs are, advises Imagine! on how Family Support funds should be spent, and provides invaluable parent perspectives to help guide Imagine!’s decision making.  Additionally, they actively engage in outreach efforts, guiding other parents as they navigate the human services system.

The Family Support Council is looking to add new members

The Family Support Council is looking to add some new members. New perspectives are vital to the success of the Family Support Council, and you can make a difference in the lives of others who are currently facing the kinds of challenges you have faced.

How do I learn more?

Contact our Children and Family Support Services Program Manager at 303-457-5659.