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Imagine! and GrandCare: Teaming Up To Increase Independence

GrandCare systems enable people to remain independent and socially connected to family and friends, whether they live in a private home, an apartment or a community setting.  The need for care may be age, rehabilitation, disability, or wellness management.

People have a strong desire to remain independent at home, and fortunately, this is often the least expensive alternative. A technology assist can provide a safer, healthier, and happier environment. This is what GrandCare is all about.

GrandCare systems are fully featured, flexible, expandable, and value priced. They are easy and enjoyable to use.

GrandCare Features

GrandCare Systems offers the most comprehensive and fully featured product on the market today. It combines aspects of smart home technology, internet communications, and tele-wellness in one flexible, user friendly, and affordable package.

The system consists of a central unit, which is very similar to a TiVo box, connected to a TV or monitor, and a source of internet, either wired or wireless. The system will then provide a continuous display of news, weather, pictures, email, reminders etc. to the loved one's TV.

At the same time, the unit listens to a wide range of wireless sensors, which monitor activities of daily living and wellness.

The system can then be accessed via the internet by remote family or professional caregivers to assess the wellness and safety of the loved one. The system can be instructed to send an email, text message, or phone call to the caregivers if something is amiss, say the temperature in the house falls below a certain level. The caregivers can also use the web interface to send pictures, email, reminders to the loved one's TV.

How It Works

The GrandCare System is connected to any dedicated internet connection and communicates with “wireless” sensors throughout the residence. Designated caregivers can log into the GrandCare Website to  send communications to the loved one, view activity and tele-wellness sensor graphs, and customize the automatic caregiver alerts. A caregiver may choose to receive a call, email or text message if specified conditions occur (medication  noncompliance, unusual activity, change in vitals, etc).

The loved one may enjoy the socialization, entertainment and communication portion of the GrandCare System. Family can send pictures, messages, emails, reminders, calendar appointments, voice messages, family videos, music and more right to the GrandCare System (Interactive Touch & Non-interactive TV models available).  The loved one may also choose to play games, engage in brain benders, listen to favorite music, watch old film clips, view news and weather reports and more, right from their own GrandCare System.

It's easy and requires ZERO computer experience.

The Communication Station

Loneliness and social isolation are common problems among the individuals with developmental disabilities. Studies have shown that this condition can lead to health problems, not to mention more rapidly failing cognition.

The GrandCare System addresses this issue by providing a link to the outside world via the internet. Please note that no technical skills are required on the part of the loved one. It is no more difficult than watching a TV, or in the case of GrandCare Interactive, using an ATM.

Basic Communication Station

  • The system hooks up to any standard TV and provides a constant display of communication to the loved one. This can be an existing TV or a dedicated TV/Monitor that is always on. Displayed on the screen will be a variety of interesting content including news, weather, trivia, nostalgia, quotations, word definitions, and spiritual offerings.
  • Family and friends can also send messages, pictures, reminders, calendar appointments and more to keep the loved one in the loop.

GrandCare Interactive

  • As an alternative, a touchscreen can also be used. There is the same continuous display of interesting content as the basic communication station but adds the ability to interact with the system.

  • With a few simple touches to the screen, the loved one can access any of the information when they desire. They can get the weather, news, or their calendar events when they want. They can also look at their favorite websites without having to worry about viruses or keeping a computer up-to-date. There are also fun cognitive games that help to keep the mind sharp.

Products for the Private Home

You take such good of your home. Why shouldn't your home help take care of you?

With the GrandCare system you can:

  • Assess "normal" activity for your loved one
  • Set up customized rules to receive email, text or telephone alerts
  • Print out blood pressure, weight & glucose graphs to bring along to doctor visits
  • Save money by allowing a loved one the freedom to stay at home
  • Receive daily email/web activity & wellness reports about your loved one
  • Monitor door openings, blood pressure, weight, meds, eating, wake ups, etc.
  • Send pictures, messages, reminders & more to the loved one's TV
  • Coordinate schedules on-line with family & caregivers
  • Exchange/record notes and memos between family & caregivers
  • Know your loved one is happy, healthy & independent at home

Products for Providers

Technology can perform tedious tasks and provide timely information to make caregivers more effective. In this way, a bigger portion of the caregiver's time can be devoted to hands-on care.

GrandCare for professionals consists of the standard system placed in the home or apartment of a consumer plus a fully featured management system called GCManage. This allows the professional caregiver to easily manage a large number of clients.

Your consumers expect the latest and greatest. Remain a leader in the industry and support your staff with a technology that was made to help them.

With a GrandCare system you can:

  • Assess "normal" activity for each resident
  • Set up customized rules to receive email, text or telephone alerts
  • Save footsteps (simply receive a call when a resident gets up)
  • Preserve resident dignity by minimizing random check-ins
  • Receive daily email/web activity and wellness resident reports
  • Monitor door openings, blood pressure, weight, meds, wake-ups, etc
  • Send messages and daily activities into each room of your facility
  • Allow family members to send virtual communications to a resident's TV
  • Coordinate resident schedules on-line with staff and family
  • Exchange and record notes and memos between staff and family

The Benefits of GrandCare

GrandCare Systems provides freedom and peace of mind for active, independent individuals and those who care for them.

All of the members of the "Care Triangle" (the loved one, their family members, and the professional caregivers) can benefit from the many features of the GrandCare system.

The GrandCare System can "improve in place". You may not need to track glucose levels now, but it's nice to know that you can add that feature when needed, without having to change out any equipment.

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