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Imagine! Gift Giving Drive Results

January 8, 2018

Last month's Gift Giving Drive, spearheaded by Elizabeth Hill of Imagine!'s HR department, was a major success. The drive was open for three weeks and collected nearly 366 gifts for children and adults. The community support was incredible, from volunteers to help sort and gift wrap the items, to business partners who donated gifts to our cause. Below is a list of partners who made donations, as well as photos from all the fun! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make someone's holiday a little bit brighter. 

Stephen Tebo
Nativity of our Lord Church in Broomfield
Re/Max Alliance in Longmont
Apollo Mapping
Louisville Dental Associates
Lockheed Martin
Volunteers from CU’s Leeds Council


"Imagine! Night" at Longmont High School

December 26, 2017

Imagine! employee Jonny Brennan is also an assistant coach for Varsity Men's Wrestling at Longmont High School (LHS). He drummed up the idea to invite Imagine! participants from the CORE/Labor Source (CLS) day program to be honorary coaches at the Men's Wrestling home opener. With the help of LHS Athletic Director and the program coordinator at (CLS), Johnny stood beside three LHS alumni and Imagine! participants during the home opener on December 7th, 2017. Neil, Shawn, and Frank brought their school spirit and supported their Trojan's to victory from the coaches circle. The three participants socialized with spectators and partents in the lobby before and after the wrestling duel, handing out stickers and pens. 

Jonny, Intervention Specialist for Imagine!, forsees a future where his wrestling students come to an Imagine! activity to volunteer and learn more about people who face developmental disabilities. "Who knows, some of my wrestlers might be the next crop of Imagine! employees," said Jonny. 

Thank you to Longmont High School and CORE/Labor Source for a successful event!


Imagine! Gift Giving Drive 2017 - November 20 to December 11

Help brighten the Holidays for adults and children served by Imagine!. This Holiday season, Imagine! has identified over 400 adults and children in the community who need help with gifts and necessities. Please help us reach our goal to provide support to those most in need by making a gift donation. 

Gift Ideas for Children:
Educational toys (Spanish or English), dolls and accessories, board games, books (Spanish or English), craft sets, ball set or Nerf set, car or truck sets, remote control car, Legos, art supplies, warm winter gear, gift cards. 

Gift Ideas for Adults:
DVDs, Colorado sports team memorabilia or clothing, art supplies, craft supplies, body lotion, bath sets, warm winter gear, gift cards. 

Channel 4 News Denver Visits Imagine!

This year, Imagine! registered to compete in WayToGoTober in October, 2017. This friendly competition encourages all participants to find alternative ways to commute to work, and then log their trips to earn points. Right out of the gate, Imagine! employees soared to the top of the leaderboard and dominated the competition. Halfway through October, Channel 4 News found this newsworthy and spent a morning interviewing a few employees. Click here to watch the video they put together

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) hosted this competition in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint. The effort of Imagine! employees in this competition produced the following results: logged 1,657 smart commute trip totaling 18,002 miles, burned 63,128 calories, reduced 4.8 tons of CO2, and saved $5,645. And these numbers are only from Imagine!, organizations all over Denver and Boulder are pitching in as well!