Wish List

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Included below are items that would augment and enhance Imagine! programs and services for the individuals we serve and would be much appreciated.  If you are able to provide an item, please contact Patti Micklin. Pick-up for large items can be provided, and your contribution is tax deductible.  If you prefer to provide a cash gift to be used for the purchase of one of the items below, that would also be most welcome. The Wish List will be updated as items are acquired, so please check back frequently!

Contact Patti Micklin by email or at 303-926-6443

Personal Items for Those We Serve (Adults) in Our Residential Homes

Books – any kind, but especially books about animals and romance novels

Sports gear – especially New York Yankees

Sports posters

Latch hook kits

Music CDs – especially country

Make-up/cosmetics (perfume, light beige foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick)

iPads - heavy duty iPad covers

Rockies tickets for groups

Arts and craft supplies OR gift certificates to Michaels’ or Hobby Lobby

Computer games

Essential Tremor adaptive utensils, clothing, computer aids, writing devices, etc.  for individuals with hand tremors (http://essentialtremor.org/treatments/assistive-devices/)

Games/activities made especially for those with Alzheimer’s/dementia

Recreation center passes or punch cards

Gift Cards to educational stores:  

Stationary bike

Wheelchair-Bicycle Tandem: http://www.frankmobility.com/duetfeat.php

SmartLift foldable, packable transport system: https://www.etac.com/products/hoists-and-slings/mobile-hoists/molift-smart-150

Furniture and Housing Needs for Imagine! Residential Homes

Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder

New barrier free lifts for assisting individuals from wheelchair to bed or bath (being safer for clients and for staff)

Garden Place in Longmont

New area rug 4 x 3

Small book shelves

Several cushioned chairs for the “Book Nook”

Set of four kitchen chairs

New oven

New carpet for two bedrooms

New set of silverware and a new dish set

Manhattan Group Home in Boulder

Non-fabric couch (6’), loveseat (5’), and chairs 

Basketball hoop 

Picnic table 

Two small raised garden beds (3 ft tall, 4 ft long, and 3 ft wide) for vegetable gardening

Santa Fe Group Home in Broomfield

Patio chair cushions for 4 chairs 

Storage racks for the basement

Cornhole game

Free standing outdoor basketball hoop and ball

12 white bath sheets and wash cloths

2 sets full sheets, gender neutral

10 sets twin sheets, gender neutral

2 new office chairs

Stand Mixer

New non-fabric couch

50" or larger Smart TV

New set of nonstick pots and pans

New set of unbreakable bowls and plates

Cubbies or gym lockers

Group Homes

American Furniture Warehouse gift certificates for upgrades to furniture in several homes

Picnic table


Program Needs


Nuk Brushes

Pop Toobs

Therapressure Brushes

Mr. Juice Bears

Chunky Bare Books (for goodbye books)

Pop up Tunnels

Knobby Balls


Bubble Oodles

Blow up pools

Out & About

Two camping lanterns for Catalog evening activities

Three fishing poles

Fold-down wheelchair