Employing For Good

In today's thriving economy, it can be tough to find that perfect fit: an employee who learns and grows with your business on a long-term basis.

We have a solution.

Imagine!'s Supported Employment program has partnered with businesses for over 30 years in Boulder and Broomfield counties, employing individuals with developmental disabilities. With support from trained Imagine! employees, these hard working and reliable individuals are eager to jump into the market and prove their skills at your company!

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Benefits of Partnership 

  • Reliable and hard working employees
  • Tax credit and other financial incentives
  • Meaningful relationships with employees
  • Supervisor included in contract for quality assurance
  • Expand and diversify your workforce
  • Support your community 

We work with your business as closely as you prefer, particularly early on, to make sure you know exactly what to expect and to ensure a peace of mind with this new partnership. Imagine! job coaches are present on an as needed basis, supporting the employees and your business every step of the way. 

One of Imagine!'s main goals is to help individuals with development disabilities be a part of their communities, and being employed in their local area is a great opportunity to do so. Working with others, being productive, receiving a paycheck, and participating in the economy are among many reasons it is important to have a job. Imagine!'s Supported Employment division makes this possible and strengthens your company at the same time. 

Current Supported Employment Partners

Various people with disabilities do various Jobs