Case Management Satisfaction Survey Report

Imagine! Case Management Customer Satisfaction Survey

Report of Findings, December 2014


In July 2014, Imagine! Quality Assurance Analyst accepted role to oversee the Customer Satisfaction Survey process for Imagine! Case Management.  The purpose was to measure customer satisfaction with Imagine! Case Management.  Five waiver groups were identified as stakeholders in this survey.  Those included:

            Children’s Extensive Supports (CES)

            Children with Autism (CWA)

            Children’s Home and Community Based Services (C-HCBS)

            Comprehensive Services (COMP)

            Supported Living Services (SLS)

Survey Questions:  A 14-question survey that was utilized during the 2011 survey process (conducted by Third Sector Innovations Inc.) was entered into Survey Monkey.  Participants were asked to respond to statements using the following response choices for 12 of the questions:  Satisfaction inquiries – Yes; Sometimes; No.  One of those questions also allowed for comments to be entered.  The final 2 questions of the survey allowed the stakeholder to enter their Case Manager’s name and provide any additional comments about Case Management Services.  (Please note: question #10 was inadvertently copied into Survey Monkey as identical to question #9 and will need to be updated for future surveys.)

Number of Participants:  The stakeholder list was determined to be the consumer or primary contact identified in the NetSuite Consumer Record.  The NetSuite Search with filter detail is found under CM CSS Survey- Consumer Email list; Internal ID# 10787.   At the time of the creation of this Saved Search- August 2014, there were a total of 833 stakeholders on the list to receive a survey. 

Methodology for Administering Survey:  The survey was emailed out twice to 605 persons and it was mailed once to 228 persons who did not have emails on record.

Number of Participants:  There were 129 surveys completed using Survey Monkey and 29 surveys returned via mail for an overall total of 158 surveys received.  Based upon 833 stakeholders, the survey response rate was 19%.  Survey response data is compared with previous years in the chart below.



Numerical Presentation of Results:  Scoring reflects both percentages of responses and overall cumulative scores, based on assigning ten points for Yes/I’m o.k. with that; five points for Sometimes/It doesn’t matter to me; and zero points for No/I’m not o.k. with that.  The Survey Monkey was set up so that a question could not be left unanswered. 

Summary of Findings

The 29 surveys that were mailed in were entered into the Survey Monkey by CM Admin to complete an overall analysis of the responses with the findings charts copied from Survey Monkey onto this report.  Cumulative scores (out of 10 points) were also calculated with the 2014 data to compare with prior years’ surveys (completed in 2011, 2005, 2004, and 2003). 

Overall, 2014 satisfaction scores ranged from73.42%-93.67% with an average satisfaction score of 84.18% (Questions 1-12).  Stakeholders expressed the most satisfaction (93.67%) regarding being comfortable calling their Case Manager with concerns or questions (Question #5).  The least satisfaction (73.42%) was indicated in question #2 regarding if the Case Manager offers choices for your/family member’s services and supports. 

The average cumulative score in 2014 increased to 9.0 compared to 8.8 in 2011.  One area scored the highest (9.6) it has since the first survey in 2003.  This was Question #5- Are you comfortable calling your case manager when you have concerns or questions? The scores for Question#12- Would you change your case manager if given the opportunity? in 2014 and 2011 scored the same (8.7) and was the lowest score across all years surveyed.  All other questions had scores in 2014 that were similar to the cumulative scores tallied across the years. 

Conclusions and Recommendations

Stakeholders are content and satisfied with Imagine! Case Management Services and feel an increased comfort in calling case managers with concerns or questions.  There is room for improvement, however.  One suggestion to improve overall satisfaction with stakeholders could be for Case Management Supervisors to meet with those Case Managers who received numerous positive comments.  The purpose in doing so would be to gather information as to how and why they believe they are successful in their roles.  This information could be summarized and then shared within all of Case Management to incorporate strategic improvement.  Additionally, stakeholders are least happy with the choices offered by Case Managers for services and supports.  Limited satisfaction in this area may reflect, in part, upon the role Case Managers play in offering choice but also remaining unbiased with suggestions or recommendations about service providers. 

Administration of the survey could be improved upon by increased collection of email addresses within the Case Management database to lessen the number of mailings sent via postal mail.  Additionally, an increased response rate for this survey would be beneficial and valuable and ideas should be discussed prior to the next survey submission.  Finally, while there is value in offering an anonymous survey, Imagine! Case Management might also offer respondents the option to leave their name should they appreciate any follow up. 

Case Management Supervisor Follow up Actions

Survey findings were shared with the Case Management Team at the February 2015 monthly Case Management meeting.  Additionally, many surveys included positive comments with praise and appreciation for specific Case Managers.  Case Management Supervisors shared these comments with each Case Manager. 

Additionally, Case Management Supervisors also noted areas for improvement.  The slight decrease in satisfaction with Case Managers attending scheduled meetings and appointments (Question #4) and follow through from Case Managers (Question #11) are areas that will be monitored and compared to findings from the next CM Satisfaction Survey. 

Imagine! and Case Management also acknowledge and are aware of the concern with turnover of Case Managers.  Administrators are constantly reviewing this and continuing to look for ways to improve the work environment for Case Managers. 

One suggestion offered – during the actual survey, it may be helpful for a consumer to have the word ‘Case Manager’ replaced with the actual name of their Case Manager.  Our folks know us by name sometimes more than by title. 

Finally, Case Management Supervisors communicated they would like to know more about concerns documented in the surveys.  The last question (Question #14) allows for comments about anything else a person wants to say about Case Management services.  However, due to the anonymity of the survey, it was suggested to add a line for a consumer/family to include their name if they would like someone to follow up with them. 

Scored Responses Regarding Satisfaction of Services


1.     Does your case manager support you with what you feel is needed to meet your/family member's needs?



2.     Does your case manager offer choices about your/family member's services and supports?


3.      Do you/your family member have enough contact with your case manager?


4.      Does your case manager come to scheduled meetings and appointments?


5.     Are you comfortable calling your case manager when you have concerns or questions?



6.     Does your case manager return your phone calls?


7.     Does your/family member's case manager listen to your concerns, questions, and ideas?


8.      Does your/family member's case manager answer your questions and concerns to your satisfaction?


9. & 10. Does your/family member's case manager take the time to clearly explain information?



11.         Does your case manager follow through with what s/he says s/he will do?


12.         Would you change your case manager if given the opportunity?