Community Calendar Activities

Community Calendar Activities

Imagine!'s Dayspring Services would like to introduce you and your family to places in our community that offer great activities and opportunities for children to meet their goals through fun and play. Our activities encourage motor, sensory, social-emotional, cognitive, and speech-language development. All of our calendar activities are free for enrolled children and are also drop-in activities, so no need to sign up. We try to make our activities as parent-friendly as possible, and we think drop-in classes leave room for you to make "game time" decisions with your little one!


How It Works

Please meet us at the location and time listed with each activity on our calendar. These activities are drop-in, so no need to sign up – just show up! Our Dayspring Therapists will be there to greet you. Admission fees will be covered for children enrolled in Dayspring. 

Siblings are welcome to participate in all activities, and parents are responsible for admission fees for siblings. Parents attend the duration of the activity and are responsible for monitoring their children attend to ensure their safety. If you are bringing more than one child please make sure you are able to provide enough adult supervision for all of the children. 

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of CCAs

1. "There are only invitations, no expectations here." We welcome all children to participate in whatever way feels right for them.

2. Follow your child's lead.  Let them repeat the various activities over and over again if they choose.  Children will select an activity that best fits their current mood and will change activities when they feel satisfied and ready to move on.

3. Some children just like to watch.  Research shows that watching is an important activity for young children.  You and your child can watch together or YOU can join the activity.  Before you know it your child will be joining in the fun.

4. Be cautious not to force your child to participate.  They will join when they are ready.

5. Talk to your child about what they are doing.  This can occur during the activity, on the way home, and even several days later.

6. Most of all, have fun with your child!

Please join us and experience these great activities and locations for yourself!  If you have questions about the details of an activity or which activities would best meet your child's needs, contact Kate Hines, OTR (303) 775-0185 or Sara Ostrom, OTR at (303) 249-5227.

If you are wondering if a scheduled event is still happening, call the Community Calendar Cancellation line at (303) 926-6437, check our live, real-time calendar here on our website, or watch for posts on our Facebook page.

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