Enrolled: 0-3


Research has shown that a child’s first three years are a very important time for development and learning. Getting early intervention services now will help improve your child’s ability to develop, learn and play, and will assist you to help your child and family in ways that are important to you. This section will introduce you to the planning process for developmental services for your child and orient you to the supports and services available to your family through the Early Intervention program.

Colorado’s early intervention system will ensure that all families have equal access to a coordinated program of comprehensive supports and services. This means that the staff within the system will work closely with you to provide the kinds of supports that make the most sense based on your family’s priorities and your child’s needs. These were recorded during your child’s evaluation, and they will be updated during your family’s involvement with early intervention.

The Early Intervention Colorado website is at:  www.eicolorado.org

Your child can best be supported within your family, and your family is best supported within your community. Activities that fit within your daily routine and use current techniques are most likely to give the outcomes you want for your child and family.