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Welcome to the First Issue of Rebecca's Report!

This monthly feature is designed to keep Imagine! employees (as well others who are interested in Imagine!’s work) up to date on all I’m doing to build on our great organization’s legacy as a leader in the field as well as to position us for success moving forward. It is my goal to be open and transparent about my efforts so we can all work together to create a world of opportunity for all abilities.

For the first Rebecca’s Report, it seems logical to start at the very beginning. This short video highlights my vision and goals for the organization. Enjoy!


September 2019

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Let's Celebrate DSPs and Care Coordinators

This month I want to join in the celebration of two very important employee teams at Imagine!: our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and our Care Coordination team. These employees inspire me in so many ways, and it is an honor to work alongside of them. I know I need to do my very best for Imagine! in my role, because I see them do their very best every single day.


Direct Support Professionals

Let’s start with DSPs. The Colorado State Government has proclaimed the week of September 8-14, 2019 as DSP Week. This proclamation recognizes the invaluable supports DSPs provide and the difference this workforce makes in the lives of Coloradans with disabilities. Imagine! DSPs are amazing! Every time I go to one of our group homes, or to an activity hosted by one of our services departments, I am blown away by the passion, compassion, and dedication the DSPs have for the people we serve. They model our mission in action.






Care Coordination Team

Imagine! dedicates the following week, September 15 – 21, to honor our Care Coordination team. The folks who make up the Imagine! Care Coordination team drive the engine at Imagine!, playing a vital role in ensuring that Imagine! clients are able to lead meaningful and productive lives. Many, many times I have witnessed first-hand how these committed employees use their time, resources, and creativity to make certain that the people they serve receive the services that best meets their hopes, needs, and desires, and I am humbled by their efforts. Our incredible care coordination team makes up about 80+ employees who support over 1300 individuals each day.








Please enjoy these two videos celebrating our hard working Direct Service Professionals and Care Coordination Team!



October 2019

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Imagine!'s Position in the World

Sometimes it's difficult to see how we are connected with the world, especially in our daily lives. But connections are crucial, vital, even inspiring, and it certainly makes life a lot easier to know we do not stand alone. Imagine! is unique in that we are connected with so many people and organizations on so many levels. From the connections we make at work to the ones we create nationally, these relationships build a strong network that can facilitate better solutions for the people we serve. It's that diversity of minds that helps us innovate, support, and enrich the lives of many, so it is crucial that we are aware of our position in the world.

Below you will find a neat little presentation that you can click through for a glimpse at the many connections that Imagine! has. See examples of our local, state, and national ties as well as some fun facts about Imagine! itself.

Please note that this prezi works best in Chrome.

In order for you to access it in your mobile browser, you will need to scroll down on the side of the screen, then click on the button on the lower-right hand corner to access the larger format. Please use the arrows to navigate through the presentation when using the mobile version. 



November 2019

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Self-Care: Tips and Support from Imagine!

Anyone who has traveled on a plane has come across the phrase, “Place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.” While this is critical in the case of emergencies, it is also a great metaphor when it comes to life. You cannot pour from an empty cup - if you are burnt out, you cannot help others to the best of your ability. In our line of work, helping others is something we do every day, so it’s vital that we also take care of ourselves as well.

“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.” Christopher Germer

In order to help you do just that, Imagine! offers plenty of resources and activities that promote self-care. From meditation classes, prayer groups, to the craft beer club and wellness benefit, there are countless activites that you can participate in through the EEC or Imagine!. To make things a bit easier, I’ve created a printable with a list of the different types of self-care as well as suggestions on what you can do on your own or at Imagine!. You will find this document below the video on this page. Feel free to utilize it when you need ideas or to have as a reminder that you are extremely important and deserve the care that you give others.

In the video below, I provide some suggestions on what I do for self-care, but I also had the pleasure of talking to some employees about their self-care routines.
Please take a look at what they had to say.

Click on either image to download the pdf file.



December 2019

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Imagine! Employee Engagement Survey:
Then and Now

Being in this position has allowed me to see a great many pieces of the puzzle that is Imagine!, but because of the sheer size of this wonderful organization, I don’t always get to talk to each of you personally. We are all busy in our day to day, with jobs that are critical in making sure that the people we serve live their best lives, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you. Your voices are so important to me and the company as a whole, so that is why we are launching another run of the employee engagement survey in January.

    “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” - Kevin Kruse, Forbes

Some of you are new, so this will be the first time you take the survey here, while others might not remember the one from 2017. No matter! We will try and bring all of you up to speed as quickly as possible (and hopefully in a fun way too).


First things first: Why do we do this?

Easy! We want to hear your thoughts! You are the soul of this organization, and your voices matter in helping us grow. We are all in different locations across Boulder and Broomfield counties, and without this survey, we might never know what is going on in each of your worlds. Trust me when I say that even if we haven’t met or personally had a conversation, your opinion and experiences are important to me.

Second things...second: What is the employee engagement survey?

It’s simply a set of questions that all full-time, part-time, and casual employees who have been employed for at least 3 months answer based on levels of engagement. For example, it might say something like, “Would you recommend Imagine! as a great place to work?,” or “Do you see yourself still working at Imagine! in two years?” The questions will be exactly the same as the ones you might have seen in the 2017 version. It's mostly rating questions with a few open ended questions, so it should be quick and easy. All in all, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Additionally, all answers are confidential, so please feel free to be completely open and honest about everything!

Here is a broad overview of this process: 

  • January 13 - Survey goes out to employees
  • January 27 – Survey closes
  • March 3 - Results will be analyzed and presented to the Executive Team
  • Early April - Results will be shared broadly at the Town Hall
  • April through August – We will travel to you through our road show to share specific departmental results, this will likely take 3-4 months

Finally: What do we do with the results?

This survey isn’t something we like to do just to look at fancy data, although that certainly is a plus. After the survey is complete, we take your results and analyze them to see what we need to do. We then present the findings to you and try to come up with specific solutions to help the company grow. For example, one of the survey questions, “Executive Team Demonstrates People are Important to the Company’s Success,” led to the creation of the podcast group. The purpose of the podcast is to celebrate the valued employees and show how essential they are to Imagine!’s success. Another specific question that sparked a change was “I believe there are good career opportunities for me at Imagine!.” From that we established an employee education benefit that helps support employees offset costs for ongoing education commitments.


Wondering how the last survey went? Here is a fun little quiz that you can take to see what the results were. And don’t worry, this isn’t on the final exam.

If quizzes aren’t really your thing, but you are curious to see what the results were from the 2017 survey, check out the two videos below. They put the data into a story so that it’s easier to digest.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the survey coming out on January 13th. If you have any questions beforehand, be sure to ask your supervisor or send me an email!

We can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts, feelings, and comments.

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