Vote Yes on Amendment B

Many of you will soon begin to receive your ballots to vote in the upcoming election. This election is so incredibly critical for so many reasons, and I implore you all to exercise your constitutional right by voting. For Coloradans, and Imagine! stakeholders in particular, there is one amendment included on the ballot that I wish to emphasize. Amendment B will decide whether or not to repeal the Gallagher Amendment, and will ultimately impact how much funding Imagine! receives from local taxes.

The Gallagher Amendment:

  • Was established in 1982 in order to split the total tax property burden between residential and commercial properties
  • Has not evolved with the increase of residential properties, thus resulting in an uneven tax burden on commercial properties
  • Forces schools, hospitals, fire departments, and organizations like Imagine! to cut their budgets despite increased need for their services

Repealing the Gallagher Amendment

  • Would mean that all of those businesses would have more money in their budgets to help the community as a whole
  • Ensure that schools, first responders, and organizations like Imagine! will continue to have access to critical funding to support their services

This year has been tumultuous for us all and before it ends, we are presented with an incredible task of deciding not only our country’s future, but the future of our local and state communities as well.

I encourage you to watch the short video that I’ve included below, which will give you more information about Amendment B and what it means for Imagine!. You can also visit to learn about who has endorsed the repeal, ballot info, and more.

Additionally, if you wish to spread the word in your community, download this social media toolkit and start sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. I greatly appreciate any and all support that you can give in order to ensure everyone says Yes on Amendment B.



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