Meet the Imagine! Board of Directors

Many of you know that Imagine! is governed by the Imagine! Board of Directors. This group of volunteers, including parents of people with I/DD, clients of Imagine!, and members of the community, come together with the same passion and goal - to support our work in creating a world of opportunity for all abilities. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, determining the organization’s mission and purpose, selecting the chief executive officer, providing proper financial oversight, ensuring Imagine! has adequate resources, ensuring legal and ethical integrity, enhancing Imagine!’s public standing, and supporting me and assessing my performance as the CEO. Each board member has valuable professional and personal experiences that aid them in effectively carrying out their legal duties. Whether they work in finance, real estate, or any other industry, all contribute important expertise and insight that help me effectively lead this organization. I am grateful to have this smart, engaged group of individuals serving on our Board. If you are interested in attending a public meeting, reading previous meeting notes, or learning more about the Board in general, head over to the Board of Directors page on our website.

Want to meet the indivdual members of the Board? Check out the presentation below and click on each of the members to learn some fun facts about them!

Please note that this Prezi works best in Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, in order for you to access it in your mobile browser, you will need to scroll down on the side of the screen, then click on the button on the lower-right hand corner to access the larger format. Please use the arrows to navigate through the presentation when using the mobile version. 




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