Returning to the Office in August

Starting August 17th, we will begin reopening the Dixon and Coal Creek offices. We wanted to extend the deadline because everyone's needs are being met right now and we don't want to put additional pressures on you while you have other concerns, such as childcare. This is another way we want to help take care of you while you take care of yourselves. As a reminder, please continue to stay in contact with your supervisor about your schedule and your needs while working from home.  When the office does reopen, we have guidelines in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and the people we serve. Additionally, we will not have public hours until further notice and visitors can come to the building by appointment only. While we are all excited to see each other in person again, we must first adhere to the following rules and procedures.

For a general overview of what your day will look like, check out this animation that stars a very familiar icon from Imagine!.

For more specific details, please download and save this guide to use as a reference for how to stay safe in the office.

Also, if you missed the Town Hall meeting, please click here to access the video. And finally, with all that is happening in the world, I want to emphasize again the need for self-care and gratitude. I am so grateful for the work you are all putting in, and so many of you have gone above and beyond to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people we serve.


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