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"Welcome to Avenue I" - Imagine!'s 11th Annual Center Stage Performance



On Saturday, March 13th, the Imagine! Center Stage participants premiered their first-ever virtual performance “Welcome to Avenue I.” If you are unfamiliar with Center Stage, it works like this – Imagine! Community Services participants create their own theatrical production from scratch, including doing their own scripting, costume design, stage design, and of course performing.

screenshot of ghost island

For the virtual production, the process was a bit different. Kristel Jelinek Brown, who has been directing Center Stage for six years now, said in the Q and A after the show that the group broke up into smaller breakout groups that would brainstorm different ideas to record virtually. The ideas were developed through “improv games, songs, activities, and small group discussions…” said Kristel. Some of the skits included Ghost Island, Junk Food Superhero, and singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Each group would come up with a script and virtual set design, then perform the piece via Zoom.

screenshot of birthday cake

Additionally, they focused on three main themes for the whole show, the number 28, the letter C, and the word community. For those wondering where they came up with the number 28, Kristel said that 28 is significant for this group because it is the number of participants in Center Stage. As for community, it’s safe to say that one of the best examples of the community coming together is through Center Stage. Not only does Imagine! partner with Parlando School of Musical Arts, but everyone is invited to the performance. By going virtual this year, the audience included over 100 attendees from all over.

screenshot of junk food superhero

All in all, “Welcome to Avenue I” was a brilliant performance, chock full of creative virtual set designs, hilarious lines, and stories beyond your wildest imagination. We highly recommend checking out the play using the link here: “Welcome to Avenue I” Video

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