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A Message from the Imagine! Nurses



We are all focused on doing our best to prevent COVID-19 from invading our homes. With your continued help and diligence in limiting your time in the community, wearing masks and gloves, and keeping our homes clean, we will, hopefully, be successful. The more time we spend in the community, the more likely we are to be exposed to COVID-19 and to bring this terrible virus into our homes. We are relying on you, our knowledgeable and conscientious staff, to keep each person safe and healthy. Your expertise in keeping everyone safe is much appreciated! As you know, many of our residents are more vulnerable to becoming ill and do not always have the ability to keep themselves safe. Our clients are more vulnerable because of their underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues (lung disease and asthma, for example), age, compromised immune systems, high blood pressure, immobility, seizures, and kidney disease.

Please reach out to us, your nurses, with any questions you have or support that you need. Thanks to each of you for all your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice! It means so very much to us and to those we serve!


  Submitted by: Vicki Thaler, RN, Director of Imagine! Nursing Department

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