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Good News Friday!



Last Friday, Imagine!, the ACL, and Boulder County Public Health hosted a vaccine clinic for people with intellectual disabilities. We are so excited that so many of our friends and neighbors with IDD were able to get that first shot and are that much closer to being protected from this terrible virus (follow up shots will take place in a month).


We wanted to share one special story from the clinic: Jamie Zimenoff, a nurse who works at Imagine!, was able to personally give his son Herni his first vaccine shot. Jamie told us: “It was emotional. I started to tear up because personally giving my son the vaccine was special. I could tell he was scared and so to be there to comfort him and give it to him was a special moment. It means a lot to Henri and our family to be vaccinated, it’s been a tough year.” Thanks Jamie, Henri, and everyone else who made this clinic such a success!




The clinics even garnered some press coverage.


Extra special thanks go to Jenna Corder, who took on the monumental task of organizing this clinic (as well as a second one set for April 16th, and the two follow up clinics for second shots), and did an amazing job! Also thanks to the many volunteers who supported her efforts. All the comments afterwards were about how smoothly everything went!

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