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50-50 Grind. Casper Flip. Goofy-Foot. Fakie. The Mushroom.

All of these are skateboarding terms, and most of us have no idea what any one of them means. But do you know who does? Evan Dittig and some lucky participants in Imagine!’s Out & About Summer Camp.

Evan is a program director for “Skate.Now” based out of Wayne, NJ. He offers skate classes and private lessons to individuals of all ages. Every once in a while, Evan travels the country or the world to offer free lessons to groups as a way to give back to the community.

Evan recently connected with Imagine!’s Out & About department and held a class on Monday morning, July 10, at the Lafayette Skate Park. Evan had not facilitated a group this large outside of his home base before, so he contacted organizations and personal connections to get donated skateboards for the Out & About class. In addition, Evan’s cousin, who lives in Colorado, traded in some old hockey sticks at a local sports store for some helmets for class.

Thanks Evan! Everyone had a great time.

Learn more about Evan on the Imagine! Voices Blog.

Here's some fun pictures of the action.











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