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Participants > Sasha - Loads Of Fun

I like playing the sports, going to Center Stage, going to art, and going swimming. Center Stage is when we go on stage and say our lines and put on a performance.

My most favorite time at Out & About is going swimming. That means we go into the pool and have fun. Sometimes I bring pool toys with me. I love to go down the slide and I love to go to the hot tub.

I have loads of friends at Out & About. What I like is that they’re my friends. I say hi to them and shake their hand, and then they’re my friend. I get to see them every time I come to Out & About. My friends make me happy. If a new person came to Out & About, I would tell them what the activity is and then we would be friends! If someone is nervous to come to Out & About, I would say “there’s nothing to be nervous about, Out & About is fun!” Everyone is friendly and the instructors are friendly.


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