Become A Host Home Provider

What Is A Host Home?

In a Host Home, an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability chooses to live in a qualified provider's home. Imagine! provides oversight of the services and helps connect the individual and their provider with community resources.

Why Be A Host Home Provider?

  • Make a difference in the life of an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability
  • Work out of your own home
  • Tax-free income*

Apply to become a Host Home Provider

How Imagine! Helps You Succeed

  • Finding the right fit. Imagine! is dedicated to matching the goals and needs of the person in services with the provider best equipped to support them and their interests. This approach creates long-lasting relationships that lead to growth for both the person in services and the provider.
  • Extensive Support. The Imagine! support team is a group of dedicated professionals who have decades of experience in assuring that providers and the people they serve have access to the resources and support they need in order to thrive. Supports provided by Imagine! include:
    • Nursing Services. Imagine!’s Certified Developmental Disabled Nurses (CDCNs) are caregivers, teachers, and advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Imagine! Nurses also provide training to staff and providers to improve individual health outcomes.
    • Financial Services. Imagine! acts as the Representative Payee for many of the individuals we work with, assisting individuals in managing some or all of their money, as well as ensuring that the individual has access to personal spending money and that their bills are paid each month and supporting financial independence.
    • Embedded Technology. An assortment of technologies are available to individuals in Imagine! services. Technologies used are chosen on the basis of how they can best support an individual in meeting their needs, goals, and desires, how they can support increasing self-reliance, and how they can support caregivers.
    • An Emphasis on Skill Acquisition. One of Imagine!’s core beliefs is that every individual has the ability to learn new skills, and it is the goal of Imagine! to ensure that all individuals are supported in this, and that all staff are trained on how to provide this support.

*Tax-free income dependent on contract. Consult a tax professional before making any decision.